Thursday, June 9, 2011

Decorative sofa by Jasmin Teo Viewing selected photographic works

Some people choose to show your love for a city or an idea into a corner of his house, where they can see every day. But what about keeping a photo of your favorite city in the back seat of your sofa? These creative decorative sofa designed by Teo Jasmin property
of all types of photographic work: New York skyline, Union Jack prints, or even a collection dedicated to Brigitte Bardot. The freelance designer is also an expert in digital printing, so it was not difficult for her to turn ideas into reality. The sofas have elegant decorative beech wood structures, painted in white, black or silver. Vinyl seats offer comfort, while the back is adorned with different digital print works. The team of twelve people working in other wonderful Teo Jasmin create decorative pieces, including bags, cushions, chairs and fabrics. These can be found throughout Europe, in 250 outlets or order online

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