Thursday, June 9, 2011

Modern decor Planters Made from old recycled books by Gartenkultur

If you who would like to read many books and is the pick and place them carefully? And some of them are not useful and want to throw it away? It is a big no my friend! Since reading this short article, I am sure you will capture with this and want to apply these decorative pots at home. I know it's very difficult to realize a sense of green or natural environment may be applied at home.
Gartenkultur But now it introduces its new collection very interesting and I am sure you will feel much love for these contemporary planters. Because as you can see in the following pictures below you can see that it is cool planters you can easily combine with the green tree so you can create a great atmosphere to relax, of course. And exactly, by recycling the old book you have in your own home, you can make modern planters without spending much money to buy it. And if you are interest in these ideas and wants to apply in the space available at home, you can visit here for more information

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