Thursday, June 9, 2011

Modern Flowerpots with Black and white Finishes from Bodum

Today many people who always add green things or maybe the green elements in their own home. This makes against global warming, which moves in the green path and now, Sportmax Bodum and give his new collection of "green things" in modern pots
really interesting as the decor of your terrace or perhaps your outdoor area. These minimalist pots available in two color variations to choose which of them really fit with their personal feelings and the space available, of course. You can choose black pots if you are interesting with the dark, or maybe you want to pick up the pots white because the white always gives you more information on the effect of color in itself. This is the right choice for you to meet your living space with contemporary things green and help her to "go green" today's activity. what is your opinion?

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