Thursday, June 9, 2011

Modern furniture glows in the dark - Via Lattea by Meritalia

 Did you ever imagine that you have bright furniture at home? What kind of furniture that can attract to have one of these collections? Presented by Meritalia, give their latest collection of contemporary sofa design really interesting to see the light itself really unusual for the design of others who have never had, of course.
This is brilliant ottoman collection you can apply on their own because, as seen in the following pictures below you can see that this furniture padding will become a good decoration for you to choose, because of these collections may find that this is a perfect combination of LED lights to the couch where you can sit with the feeling of relaxation and also comfortable as well so you can spend more time on this sofa that glows. And one thing is certain, these LED lights available in many colors to choose from such as red, white, green, or perhaps the idea blue.awesome!

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