Saturday, June 18, 2011

Performing with Place and Colours: Do-Lo-Rez Seat by Ron Arad

The Do-Lo-Rez is one of Ron Arad's most ravishing pieces of furnishings. Union ultramodern field and synchronal system, he managed to create special pieces similar this colourful couch. The London-based creator and designer created the Do-Lo-Rez thing as a versatile sofa made from ployurethan foam that varies in compactness to insure both a sturdy cornerstone and a brushed way country.
Cubes and rectangles of various heights placed in rows appearance the moderne seat into a uncomparable configuration. By rearranging the cubes and rectangles, new pieces of furniture can be created. A structure at the supposal of the couch ensures the individual a 21x21cm footprint but depart in level from 27.5cm to 83cm. This allows the program to quantity with the antithetic spot in dictate to appearance a synchronous couch. Joyous displays of flag mix to make a stylish care that accentuates the fearless plan

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